About Us

Homegrown in Los Angeles, with parental roots in both Nigeria and Zambia [Africa], sisters, Kay and Bo are second-generation owners of KUTULA by Africana, LA’s premiere and most recognized authentic, African-inspired fashion retailer.

Originally named ‘Africana Imports’ in 1971 by their parents Tony and Francesca, the retail brand has been a permanent mainstay in the Los Angeles community for 50 years.

Kay + Bo were inspired to infuse a new vitality into the brand by renaming the business KUTULA (which means ‘to leap forward’), taking over the reins of the business, and infusing ready to wear and contemporary styles and gifts for men, women and children thereby cementing the continuation of their family legacy. 

KUTULA's legacy continues to reach near and far, and contributed to the authentic costumes in the iconic, record-breaking film, Marvel's BLACK PANTHER (2018) as well as 2016's #1 grossing film Marvel's CAPTAIN AMERICACivil War. In addition to providing designs for Kendrick Lamar’s ‘All the Stars’ official music video for the film, Kay + Bo have also had the pleasure of providing red carpet looks for some of the film’s stars for the purple carpet world premiere of Marvel’s BLACK PANTHER

KUTULA has recently been featured in top-trending news features on NPR and their products have been featured in People Magazine, In StyleEssence, and Vogue to name a few.

KUTULA's flagship boutique is located on Slauson in LA's View Park-Windsor Hills and their retail store has served as the backdrop for several major motion pictures and television shows.